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Begonnen von HobbyNecromancer, 28. April 2022, 16:31:20

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Hello everyone!

I am a 35 year old swedish mini-wargamer who travels to Leipzig a lot. This time I've got paints and brushes with me but no minis and no one to play with. So I googled for tabletop clubs close to where I live and found this one!

I am looking to get into a new skirmish game (basically, not army scale), so I'm wondering if there are any skirmish systems played at the club?  I would be super happy if someone wanted to help me out, maybe demo a game of Infinity/MESBG/Kill Team/Warcry/Malifaux or whatever is popular!

I hope it is ok that I write in english. I *mostly* understand german, but speak/write at the level of maybe a three year old...

I've been gaming since WHFB 5th edition came out. Mostly WHFB and warmachine/hordes (I used to be a press ganger, ie running WM/H tournaments), RPGs and various boardgames/card games. For strange reasons I'm mostly playing 9th age these days, but I'm theoretically more of a skirmish-level fan :)

Kind regards,


Hi Oscar,

we certainly have some players for skirmish based tabletop games in our ranks, Infinity to the least.

If you feel up for it, I would gladly help you out with a game of Warmachine/Hordes or X-Wing. I can't offer you much models except for those coming with the core boxes, though, for I'm playing one faction only in each system. But that would definitely make our games skirmish sized. xD
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Hello Saufzwer

Good to hear! I would totally be up for a battle box game of warmachine/hordes. I have not played since around 2015 but I guess the rules have not changed much.


Well, we've got MkIII since 2016, so there are some changes. But the basics are, of course, still the same.

I play Cygnar as my main (and basically only) faction and am currently painting the contents of the Two Player Battle Boxes which consist of a battle group plus one unit. Cryx and Trollbloods are ready to play and I should be able to at least assemble the Skorne battle group. So, pick whatever you like. :)

Timewise I'm rather limited next week, I'm afraid. Except for Tuesday evening my week is pretty much stuffed. :/
When you look into the abyss, it's not supposed to wave back.


Hi Oscar,

I'm relatively new in Leipzig and trying to find players for Malifaux. Unfortunately I have only one crew by now. But if you are interested in Malifaux, I think we can maybe find someone to lend you a crew for a demo game. Or I can lend you mine if someone else rather wants to play with their crew instead of lending it.

Kind regards


Hi Wolfram! I would for sure be interested in trying out the game. I'll send you a PM and we can set something up.